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What We Do

Welcome to Wild Gift PR.

We are a Naarm / Melbourne-based Music PR & Management operation handling publicity, promotion and guidance for various projects within the music industry throughout Australia. 

Music PR

Album releases, single releases, tours... we've got you covered. We work on a scope of campaigns specifically geared to your individual trajectory as an artist. We provide custom projects for artists wanting to get their music into the ears of the best bloggers, writers, radio presenters and playlisters. Simply put, we do our part to bring great art to the masses.

Photo of band Beige Banquet performing live

Beige Banquet. Credit: Jules Vaneijs 

Photo of band AM Reruns performing live

Music Management Support

For emerging acts who need a bit of guidance navigating the early stages of their career. Management Support includes crucial admin, booking, promotion, and connections with industry (photographers, graphic designers, labels). Drop us a line for more info.

AM Reruns. Credit: Simon Fazio

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