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Welcome to Wild Gift PR

We are a Music PR and Booking operation handling publicity, promotion, gig booking and guidance for various projects within the music industry throughout Australia.


Album releases, single releases, tours... we've got you covered. We work on a scope of campaigns specifically geared to your individual trajectory as an artist. We provide custom projects for artists wanting to get their music into the ears of the best writers, radio presenters and playlist curators. Simply put, we do our part to bring great art to the masses.


What makes Wild Gift unique to other Australian Music PR agencies is that we are committed to supporting live performance. To do this, we offer tailored plans to support you with booking by pitching to venues and festivals on your behalf in conjunction with the release of your music.


Wild Gift exclusively works with artists that we believe in. We are passionate about building a community to support tangible and ongoing development as a musician. Becoming a part of the Wild Gift family instantly connects you with our roster of artists for networking and support.

  • I’ve got a great release that needs to be heard! How can you help me?
    So you’ve done the hard yards and written and recorded a Single, EP or Album that needs to be heard by as many keen ears as possible. That’s where we come in. We ensure that the music you have created makes its way to the best and most relevant writers, radio presenters and playlist curators. This in turn leads to coverage such as premieres, airplay, interviews, reviews and playlist adds, all promoting your music and getting it to the biggest audience possible.
  • What does a campaign look like? What’s involved?
    Each campaign is different, just like every artist is different, and every piece of music is too. Therefore, no one campaign will be the same. When we first meet to have a chat about your individual outcomes as an artist, we will shape the scope of the project and help form your own specific pathway. However, the basic format remains the same; first we organise all assets (photos, artwork, distribution), then we write a killer press release, and then we pitch! During the course of the campaign we reach out to all relevant media, both in Australia and internationally and give it the best reach possible. What makes Wild Gift unique is that we can also work with you in conjunction with your PR campaign to offer tailored plans to support you with booking your launch, tours, and festival opportunities.
  • What kind of media do you pitch to?
    As each artist has their own unique style and flavour, where we pitch to specifically changes depending on the project. However, you can expect us to be hitting up written and broadcast media such as Music Feeds, Pilerats, Rolling Stone, The Music, Triple J, PBS, RRR, 4ZZZ, FBi, 2SER, Radio Adelaide and RTR, to name but a few.
  • What happens after the campaign is over?
    While the work may finish at the end of the campaign, your relationship with Wild Gift does not! We pride ourselves on the long-lasting friendships we make with artists and the communication we maintain long after the project is done. We will continue to monitor ongoing airplay and coverage as it appears, always keeping you in the loop. We will also consider future opportunities within the Wild Gift community for performances and support slots.
  • So, how much does all this cost?
    The question on everybody’s mind! The price for our recommended six-week PR campaign starts at $2195.00. However, we pride ourselves on being flexible and accommodating. Some of the aspects that we can discuss in our first meeting are: · Smaller or longer campaigns · Joint campaigns for multiple single, single & EP, or single & album releases · Booking support · Flexible payment options You will be provided with an itemised quote following this meeting which breaks down exactly what is involved at our end as we like to keep things as transparent as possible. Please enquire by sending your music to us, using the form on our contact page, or by emailing to discuss your project and get a quote!


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Welcome to the Wild Gift PR Community!

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Wild Gift is run by Ed Acheson. Ed has over a decade's experience working music publicity both in Australia and the UK, promoting albums, singles, EPs and tours for some of the world's best established and emerging artists. He has worked alongside labels such as Marathon, Cooking Vinyl, Universal, Caroline, Island, Matador and more. Throughout his life, Ed has always had a passion for live music and championing independent artists, and this remains at the core of what he does.

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