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AM Reruns - 'Big Talk'

Hot on the heels of their first single of the year ‘Rose In Wire’, the Melbourne three-piece gear up for the release of their newest offering ‘Big Talk’, which will be released as a double A side on 7 inch vinyl 26th May. The track will be available digitally everywhere the same day.

Diverting from the glam stylings of their previous single, ‘Big Talk’ follows the path of a more straightforward New Wave banger. Heavy bass propels the track straight out the gate and is followed swiftly by dense, precise tom-heavy drums that carry throughout. The track is layered with commanding, dissonant guitar, structured and exact, with all three parts culminating in a wave of sonic bliss.

“It’s about a certain type of person,” explains Andy Campbell. “A larger than life, charismatic, highly persuasive, addictive, big talker. I’ve known a few of them. They’re not to be trusted.”

Pressing the new singles to wax was an important aspect of releasing this music for the band. “It’s a commitment to our ideals,” says Andy. “A 7” not only feels like an item of beauty and a source of pride, but also a rebellion against a business model that takes everything an artist has and gives nothing back. It's a statement: "we're worth it, this is what it costs, it's bloody fantastic and you're gonna love it."”


‘Big Talk’ was recorded and mixed by Andrew "Idge" Hehir at Soundpark, Northcote, and was mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, London.

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