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Storming in at the tail end of the year, London-based Beige Banquet prepare to drop their debut single ‘Wired/Weird’. Hitting the shelves December 12th on Just Step Sideways Records, it is the first release from their upcoming debut album due for release in early 2021. It’s 3 minutes and 40 seconds of bedroom-recorded and self-produced outsider/weirdo/art punk. 


What is a Beige Banquet you may ask? A Beige Banquet is a meal consisting of mostly frozen food within a similar beige colour palette. Think chips, chicken nuggets, fish fingers and potato waffles; a staple of many working-class children in the mid-90s. It’s also the solo moniker of guitarist and vocalist Tom Brierley who was raised on such meals during his upbringing in his native West Yorkshire. It’s the first solo release since his return to London from his pilgrimage to Melbourne where he fronted the band NOUGHTS.


Rewind the clock to 2017 and Tom was stepping of a plane, soon to call Melbourne home for the next two years. Finding his spiritual home in the bars of Johnston St, Tom quickly got to work forming NOUGHTS and found himself surrounded by the nurturing Melbourne music community, performing alongside mainstays like Vintage Crop, Pinch Points and Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice.


‘Wired/Weird is the first in an ambitious collection of tracks written, tracked and produced in a dank East-London bedroom during the first part of 2020 or ‘The Year That Shall Not Be Named’. Forced by circumstances similar to many musicians, Tom had to switch focus from performing to recording, and these tracks were the result.


Tonally more banquet than beige, ‘Wired/Weird’ combines a unique vocal delivery that sits somewhere between John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) and Crack Cloud’s Zach Choy with off-kilter guitar work in the vein of LITHICS. It’s all underpinned by something inexplicably DEVO-esque and has a spattering of Fat White Family seediness. Driven by electronic drum machines and the addition of searing synthesisers compliment a sound flavoured by the Melbourne influence with elements of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Ausmuteants.


The debut single is a tasty first hors d'oeuvre of beige, preparing and exciting listeners for the full banquet, a record that’s being self-described as the ‘beigest’ LP of 2021 and posed to make waves within the DIY punk scene.

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