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What is Music PR?

Well, this seems like a good place to start. What exactly is PR and why is it important? A lot of the inquiries we receive ask us just this, so we thought we would kick off this little blog here by addressing this fundamental question about a fundamental aspect of releasing music.

We as listeners and audience members are a very fortunate bunch in this day and age. The amount of top-notch music being released on a daily basis across the globe is mind blowing, and quite frankly hard to keep on top of, even with your finger firmly on the pulse. So while that puts consumers in a pleasant wee spot of overabundance, it can make it difficult for artists to be heard. Sadly, time after time we have seen amazing musicians release amazing music that they have poured countless hours and dollars into writing, recording, mixing, mastering, only to see it thrown out into the ether and get picked up by far too few listeners. This is by no fault of their own, mind you. Regrettably, this is just a reality of the current musical landscape.

To answer the question in the simplest of ways, Music PR acts as a helping hand to ensure an artist’s music reaches the ears of as many ready listeners as possible. Artists want their music to be heard, and we are here to make sure that happens.

So, let’s dig a little deeper…

For whatever reason, Music PR is an oft overlooked, misunderstood and commonly unknown facet of the music release process. Although it can play a pivotal role in the exposure a release receives, a lot of musicians are unaware that it even exists. At its core, it is a strategic process tailored to help shape an image and sustain interest in an artist and their work. It involves a crafting of narratives, establishment of relationships with a diverse range of media outlets, and the utilisation of various platforms to increase the visibility of an artist.

A central part of working Music PR is creating and maintaining relationships with media of all shapes and sizes; bloggers, journalists, radio presenters, playlisters etc. These are the people that will be helping shine a light on your music and make the masses aware of its existence. Publicists go to these outlets equipped with press releases, bios, photos; anything and everything to let them know how freaking good your music is, and why they should cover it. All of this with the aim of securing interviews, reviews, airplay and playlisting for your single, EP or album.

So, what’s the result of all this work and media coverage?

Well, it’s pretty significant really. Increased coverage means increased visibility. And increased visibility means more listeners, more ticket sales, more record sales, more streams and more opportunities for touring.

It also gives artists who have a clear message, something they really want to communicate, a wider platform to do so. A lot of musicians right now have some incredible insights and views addressing crucial topics that are affecting people today. Music has always been an integral way in which society talks about such things, and increasing your audience can really help you to communicate that much more effectively.

A final point to make is that it helps build credibility. If you are being positively covered by a longstanding, well-respected outlet, it will go a long way in creating the kind of reputation you want as an artist. People trust the words of certain ‘tastemakers’ (for lack of a better word), so if they are talking about your music, people will pay attention. This also translates into how you feel about yourself as an artist and builds confidence in what you are doing. You are releasing music to be heard and recognised, so the more recognition you gain from media outlets, the more validation you will in turn receive that, yes, your music is awesome.

So there it is, what Music PR is, what it involves, and what it can do for you as an artist. From the perspective of a publicist, it’s about throwing yourself behind an artist and their music because you love them and want to see them succeed as much as humanly possible.

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