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Silent Income - 'BLVD HRTS'


Hot on the heels of their latest single ‘Private Dance Night’, Melbourne/Naarm-based dream-disco duo Silent Income are set to release their newest soulful delight, ‘BLVD HRTS’. The track is an infectious and groove-laden beat, inspired largely by the duo’s mutual love and appreciation of Italo disco and 70’s funk. It draws on the glam-funk stylings of the 70s and mixes it with modern soul and R&B to create something both deep and danceable.


Silent Income was born in 2018, the result of two likeminded collaborators with a love of all things funk, disco, R&B, rock, and pop. Having played lead guitar in a range of very different projects (Stella Angelico, PLEBS), Sam Walsh was building a collection of his own compositions in search of a vocalist. Meanwhile, after a lifetime of writing and performing her own material both solo and in various groups, Marcella Wright was creating lyrics and melodies and on the hunt for someone who could complete the picture with instrumentation. Silent Income was the result.


Of BLVD HRTS, Marcella says “The idea behind the song is that sometimes when we’re far away from someone we care about, it can actually make it easier to express some of the truth of how we feel. I had some old lyrical and melodic ideas that seemed to fit over Sam’s demo, so I went with those and eventually the narrative arc of the song built itself.”


The track features backing vocals from Marissa Yudinar (Matahara) and was recorded and mixed by Roger Bergodaz of Union St Studio and mastered by Steve Smith of Studios 301.

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