The Beegles - 'Dope'


After releasing their first new music in over four years in the form of the avant-garde single ‘Dog (feat Big’n)’, The Beegles throw yet another curveball with the release of their new track ‘Dope’.


‘Dope’ is a bombastic instrumental, heavy in its sonic elements, organically combining rich synthesizers with punctuating guitar picks and dense bass. Influenced by the likes of Can, Radiohead and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the song is an exercise in drum-focussed experimentation. It’s time signature stands out as a key component and expresses a lot of what the song has come to be about. As Ash explains, “It serves as a bit of a reaction to time itself. I wanted to create something other than the classic 4 by 4, something in-tune with an odd human nature. Your ears might want it to re-set, to fall into place and hit the right back-beat, but the time skip forces you to check yourself.”


After forming in 2012, The Beegles now exists as the sole recording project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Ash Briody. Like most of the soon-to-be-announced album, Ash wrote, performed, and recorded all the parts on ‘Dope’, making it an especially personal piece. “Not long after I wrote it, I would show it to people, friends, family. Everyone always had something different to say about it. It always affected them in a different way. A lot were confused or curious about it which I really enjoyed!”