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Vanderlay battles self-sabotage on beautiful new single ‘Triumph and Disaster’

Melbourne (and occasionally Paris)-based project Vanderlay has delivered a decidedly gorgeous track of folk-tinged introspection to ease us into these autumn months. A free-flowing journey of expert song writing, the track utilizes profound lyrics, haunting vocal harmonies, and unconventional song structure to create an otherworldly atmosphere, both hopeful and disheartening. A bed of strings, clarinet and piano colour a complex yet strangely familiar world where you build yourself up, only to tear yourself down. The release follows February’s ‘Assimilate Strangely’, the first single taken from an upcoming EP due out later this year.

“The song is the internal battle, the dialogue with oneself when trying to process or alter circumstance. It comes to a head, a point where everything must be laid out before you and examined without bias. The findings, and the process are found to be one and the same: triumph and disaster.”

Caspar Conrick [Vanderlay]

The moniker of singer-songwriter Caspar Conrick, Vanderlay as a project was formed primarily as a vehicle for Caspar to write and record his own music, informed by his own set of influences and inspirations. Brought up on a healthy dose of Dylan, Morrison and Mitchell, Caspar admits he is inspired by songs with a strong sense of truth, songs that tell dense stories, that examine the human experience, and prompt him to decode his own. While drawing on the classics, contemporary artists such as Aimee Mann and Fleet Foxes were also regular reference points for the EP.

Outside of music, Caspar is a photographer, and finds there is also no shortage of inspiration from the world of photography when it comes to creating music, stating “I believe success in both song writing and photography hinges on being an active and curious participant in the world.”

The result of all this is a rare intuitiveness for song writing; an ability to employ deep and complex storytelling and combine it with an expansive, yet organic, structure of sound. It is highly accomplished but remains accessible.

The track was recorded at The Aviary Studios in Abbotsford, Melbourne by Fraser Montgomery. It was mixed by Montgomery with mastering by Adam Dempsey.

Since its inception, Vanderlay has earned itself a solid base of loyal listeners and an impressive list of accomplishments, including performing slots at both Nightjar Festival in Torquay, and Grampians Grape Escape, and a headline show at Northcote Social Club celebrating the release of their previous EP. Their releases have received over 55,000 streams on Spotify and have garnered ongoing support from radio such as PBS, RRR, FBi, Triple J and many more.

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