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Virgin Mary Disco dish out infectious new single 'For Free'


The year is not yet over, and Virgin Mary Disco are taking no prisoners. 2023 has seen the release of two brand spanking new singles from the up-and-comers, and they continue the onslaught with the new painfully catchy ‘For Free’.


Coming in at well under 3 minutes, the track stays true to the band’s ethos of delivering short, sharp, punchy nuggets of musical gold. Steady verse, powerful chorus, strong guitars, propulsive drums, and crowd-heaving energy; all boxes are well and truly ticked. The track was recorded at Head Gap in Preston with Rohan Sforcina (Little Ugly Girls, Mildlife, Rolling Blackouts C.F.)


It’s been a massive year for the band who released their debut single only 8 months ago. Their previous two singles (‘Modern Man’ and ‘Automation’) have been garnering praise from media and fans alike, with ongoing support from radio such as PBS, 4ZZZ and 2XX, and sold out single launches. In more recent news, the band have also just announced that they will be supporting Amyl and The Sniffers at their Frankston show on November 25th.


“The song is about the experience of employment in the modern workplace and capitalism. The lyrics for ‘For Free’ came from my own mishearing of the song ‘Making Flippy Floppy’ by Talking Heads. When Byrne sings ‘Business and pleasure, lie right to your face’, I always heard ‘Business IS pleasure’, a contradiction I could identify with, and the lyrics grew from there. Many companies today present themselves as supportive, community environments (some may even be genuine in their pursuit), but at the end of the day they continue to thrive on a system based on the extraction of cheap resources and cheap labour, leaving us to pay the true cost of their greed.”

Spencer Morris, Virgin Mary Disco


“The music for 'For Free' originally came from a spontaneous jam at practice several years ago. Liam had a bassline, and I came up with the guitar part and chorus pretty instinctively. The vague intention I had with the guitar part was somewhere between surf rock and The Smiths. During recording I told Rohan my original intent of sounding surf rock and he lent me his vintage 60s fender jaguar, a staple of surf rock classics, to give the guitar solo a distinctly dry and tremolo heavy tone. I think there is still some Smiths influence in the funky bass line and clean tone and it has a very danceable feel.”

“A rollicking cut of upbeat, new wave inspired indie sounds, rapid-fire guitars and swirling synths in the mix alongside sing-a-long inducing vocals, all of which reaches a climax as the song ends in an all too satisfying instrumental freak-out.”



“Automation builds subtly throughout with a massive drop towards its final stand, giving off those goosebumpy epic vibes, the ending is truly epic and is beyond their years.”

AAA Backstage


“Virgin Mary Disco's debut single, 'Modern Man', complements perfectly their mission statement: angular, thumping garage rock mashed with frenetic, bluesy guitar licks and a DIY brashness bristling with enough 'tude to match any Grumpy Cat meme.”




Virgin Mary Disco is – Spencer Morris (vocals) Liam Spicer-Quinn (bass) Duncan Callaghan (guitar) and Jackson Spessot (drums).



VIRGIN MARY DISCO ONLINE Instagram | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

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